“Do not trade every day of every year,
trade only when the market is clearly
Bullish or Bearish”
“No trading rules will deliver a profit of 100
percent of the time”
“Big movements take time
to develop, so keep calm & wait for clear trade
“It’s much easier to watch-analyze &
trade a few than many, at Nifty Team we trade only
Nifty & Banknifty – 100%
“Nifty Team believes in
crystal clear analysis, we analyze Nifty & Banknifty in
very precisely accurate way & enters in the trade

We are a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser with very high accuracy in Nifty and Bank Nifty trading.

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We designed & built our team with the sole intention of spreading the right trading & investing knowledge using our core analytical skills among Indian traders/Investors. Nifty Team launched on 2012 with lots of continuous Charts analysis work on the background & got its strong base on early days of 2015. Our graph started hitting the positive peaks from 2016 onwards & since then we stand strong on our analytical based outcomes which relatively brings great results.

We got SEBI license as Investment Advisor on April 2018, post which we started paid trading advisory service from Jan 2019 onwards & getting benefitted do as follows –

** We are professional team & subject matter experts in Nifty & Banknifty positional & swing trading in India.

**We only do 16-26 Positional /Swing trades in a year with proven 85-90% accuracy rate till date as we believe in quality of trades over quantity.

** As one of the prominent traders in India, we focus more on accuracy of trading by practicing predictive analytics (price action) & qualitative research module which results in best & favorable outcomes.

In real-time basis, we have shown up our best results on

  • Nifty & Banknifty mild crash in Sep-Oct 2018
  • Bumper rally in Banknifty on March 2019
  • One way fall in Nifty in July-August 2019
  • One way up move in Nifty & Banknifty Oct-Dec 2019.
  • We were the first to analyze the fall in Banknifty in Jan 2020


About Founder – Sajjan Kumar, a Bangalore based full time professional Nifty & Banknifty trader since 2012 is the brain behind Nifty Team; He is holding PGPM (Banking-Insurance) + MBA (Finance) & also a SEBI registered Investment Advisor. To be a part of “Millionaire Club” – an Exclusive trading service for HNI Client (> Rs 30 Lacs trading capital), reach him directly at hni@niftyteam.com.


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